terça-feira, junho 26, 2007


"I spend my days in bed
I spend my nights in rock n' roll
Wash them up with fair surprises
I seem them coming, I'm feeling ready
Like to see you baby, I like your style
Think somehow we should get together
Let the dark night to be our swinger
Get together with the giant crowd

I want to take you to a show,
Friday night our preferred band
Then the world couldn't be more perfect
All the bliss is coming along
We could keep on dreaming still
Till the rest of our dying days
Of a life with fair surprises,
and old guys showing us our way
Nice to see you by the way
rolling stones are still the same
I will remember when I'm feeling weak
and have the will to take you still

Remembering the hours and heading through the day
Is like holding still with a batch of revived hope
I'm starting to see what the future might be
I like to belong to this two worlds,
though I like black a litte more."